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Here we feature visual impressions from MOSAiC, as they are photographed by our guests

Thomas Rackow

Thomas is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Alfred Wegener Institute.

His research focuses on sea ice drift modelling. Thomas attended the MOSAiC School aboard the Russian research icebreaker Akademik Fedorov as a lecturer for modelling.

© Thomas Rackow

Thea Schneider

Thea is a Master student at the University of Potsdam. She is also a professional photographer.

Thea took part in the MOSAiC School in September 2019 as an early career scientists, assisting in setting up the Distributed Network around Polarstern.

© Thea Schneider

Stefan Hendricks

Stefan is a Senior Scientist at the Alfred Wegener Institute.

His work relates to remote sensing and satellite observations in relation to sea ice thickness. Stefan was on board Polarstern during MOSAiC Leg 1.

© Stefan Hendricks

Gunnar Spreen

Gunnar is the Head of the Research Group Remote Sensing of the Polar Region at the Institute for Environmental Physics of the University of Bremen

He is the coordinator of the remote sensing activities during MOSAiC and was on board Polarstern during Leg 1.

© Gunnar Spreen

Anja Sommerfeld

Anja is an atmospheric scientist and project manager of MOSAiC at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Potsdam.

She oversees the organization of the expedition and was aboard Polarstern during Leg 2, the darkest leg.

© Anja Sommerfeld

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