Bonus Episode – PPP Captain Thomas Jung

Here is the second episode on the YOPP Targeted Observing Periods, or TOPs. This time, we speak to Thomas Jung, professor for Physics of the Climate System at the German Alfred Wegener Institute and the University of Bremen. Even more important, as the chair of the Polar Prediction Project’s Steering Group, he is the captain […]

Bonus Episode – Gunilla Svensson

Gunilla Svensson is a meteorology professor at the Stockholm University, Sweden. She is also member of the Polar Prediction Project’s Steering Group and leads the YOPP Processes Task Team. Within her role, she coordinates the YOPPSiteMIP project and the currently ongoing YOPP Targeted Observing Periods, or TOPs, aligned with MOSAiC. Wait a minute – what […]

Episode Two – The Set-up Scene

On our second episode we take a further look behind the scenes of MOSAiC. The master student and professional photographer Thea Schneider was one of the lucky ones, namely one of the twenty early career scientists who went on board the Russian icebreaker Akademik Fedorov, which supported Polarstern in the Central Arctic. In our interview, […]

Episode One – The First Time

Here is the first episode!In an interview with us, climate scientist Thomas Rackow talks about his duties as a YOPP modelling lecturer for the MOSAiC school aboard the Russian research icebreaker Akademik Fedorov that accompanied Polarstern on her transit into the central Arctic sea ice in September and October 2019.It’s all about first times: not […]

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